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Why Open Distance College?

Why open distance learning?

Take your classes anywhere, wherever you wish to. There won’t be any hassles for transportation as the classes are all held distantly. Take courses in the comfort of your homes with all resources in the palm of your hands. There’s no need for dress codes, either. 

Quality Education

All courses provided are up-to-date with the Global Standards with degrees from reputed Universities all over USA, India, and Nepal. The classes are designed to give students conceptual and theoretical knowledge in different fields of their choice. Students are also made practical and critical thinkers with their Learning. 

Your study credits are also transferable to other universities if you want to pursue higher studies. 


With Global Learning, all secondary costs are cut away. No need to spend money on transportation, food, and other fees. The course altogether is very affordable and worth your money. 

Safe and Convenient

Generally, exam times are very stressful for any student. Such stresses are mitigated with its “any-time” examinations. Students can take their exams whenever they feel competent enough to appear for them. The exams are all held physically with strict guidelines. With no time limit, students can study and prepare as much as they want. 

Age is Just a Number

Your age is not a criterion when you want to study. Open Learning encourages students from all age groups to learn and take courses. Whether it’s the SEE / SLC level or master’s, feel free to take classes whenever. 

Who is it For?

Learning is an evergreen process; it never stops. You learn from the day you are born until you lie on your deathbed. There’s something new to learn every day, so why should your age decide your education?

Some higher-skilled jobs require degrees and skills you can obtain with your degrees. Better careers are interlinked to a better quality of life. So there should be nothing stopping you from trying to get your degrees. Your current lifestyle won’t either. 

Open Learning College is something you should consider, even if you have a family to take care of or a hectic schedule every day. The distant learning methodology works for anyone and is not difficult for older people to pick up. 

Is it Fun?

You will have to know that classes are conducted through online mediums without any physical contact. The distance learning methodologies may sound disadvantageous initially, but this also creates a better learning environment without any disturbances. The disturbance, well, depends on you. If you’re looking for social interactions and college fun, GOC cannot support that. But if you’re searching for quality education, GOC is the place. The college aims to provide a quality but entertaining education for its students and will prove; Studying sure is fun.

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