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 A New Approach to Learning

Learning is an evergreen process. The habit of learning whether, from good or bad situations, sources or outcomes never stops. This amazing ability lets us ​acquire new skills, understanding, behavior, and knowledge. ​

Learning never stops, so why should you? 

There has been evidence of worse longer-term impacts on your personal and social life if you are a dropout. You can do better if you have some degree of educational certification. If you were previously held back, had to leave studying to cater to your livelihood, or had some other reasons, chances are it is difficult to find better job opportunities. Education also helps shape your critical thinking and disciplines your work ethic. 

With open learning, you can practice distance education. Your physical presence is not necessary and you are separated from your teachers and peers. It may sound disadvantageous at first but one will have to consider all the advantages distant learning will bring you. 

With your home as your classroom, you can attend classes anywhere. Dress codes won’t exist and with works digitalized, a student will always have access to whatever they need. There is no social interaction that may help in focusing and people with social anxiety. This study methodology is perfect for people with busy schedules who want to study. Timings are flexible and you can study whenever you wish to. Simply put, distance learning is easily accessible, flexible, and efficient. 

Distant learning is definitely worth considering, especially if you have a busy life and want to get studying done. But even other students and interested ones can apply for distant learning. Another great advantage of this study method is its affordability. Other secondary fees such as transportation, food, lodging, and extra services would cost you extra, but distance learning can help cut all the costs. 

How do you get started?

Simply choose a program that you’ll want to take courses in. Institutions can also offer distance learning courses that are sub-par or non-accredited which you will have to be careful of.

This is why you should conduct research before selecting your course. Upon proper document inspections and application reviews, you will be off to a great start. Distance learning works with the internet; all your lectures, seminars, and course materials will be online. You wouldn’t need expensive hardware for this study method though, just a stable internet connection. 

With Distant Learning, you will need to be well acquainted with current technology and how to navigate the internet. Not only that but you should be well aware of what you are getting yourself into. Lack of social interactions is not only an advantage but a disadvantage too. This poses difficulty in acquainting with your peers or having a better social life. And with classrooms in your house, you may be easily distracted. Getting into distance learning is not just an easy degree. You should be ready to invest some time into it and have a proper plan on what to do. 

But with some proper time management, determination, and hard work, getting through distance learning courses should not be that difficult. 

Affiliated with the Indian Education Board, you can now obtain your Senior Secondary Level degree without the need to attend your classes physically. This course is divided into three different faculties and is designed for students who have passed their 10th or equivalent examination recognized by the national board. This course can be taken by students who have previously failed their 12th-grade examinations or people who have had long study gaps without any age bar. As convenient as this course is, the course is affordable too. Get your degrees without disturbing your work life.

Why Open Learning?

Open learning is helping education be accessible to everybody by being affordable to students no matter their education or economic level. 

It also helps students look for new industries before investing in an expensive course. 

The student can take the exam whenever they feel competent enough. The institution sets no date for their examination and the students are assessed when they are ready. 

Since there is no fixed time or a schedule, there is no stress in appearing in the examination. Feel free to study and prepare as much as you want. The threats of failure are also minimal this way. 

Open learning is a second chance for your career. With a new degree, you can re-evaluate yourself and stay motivated. This will keep you away from frustration and losing your self-esteem.

Every question paper for each student is different, therefore reducing the chances of any bad examination practices such as cheating. This course is free for students of any age group to take. If you have completed the previous grade examinations, you are eligible to study even if you have not studied for an extended period of time. 

Your freedom and decisions are to be respected, this course is up for you to take. 


Students are required to choose one of three Faculties and proceed with their 1-year course. The courses do not require any physical presence except for your examinations. This course is recognized worldwide and affiliated with universities in America, India, and Nepal. You can also transfer your credits to meet the requirements of a degree or diploma at a different university. 

All subjects provided in the faculty are compulsory.

A. Faculty of Arts

  1. English
  2. Economics
  3. Sociology
  4. Home Science
  5. Nepali
  6. Computer

B. Faculty of Management

  1. English
  2. Economics
  3. Accountancy
  4. Business Studies
  5. Nepali
  6. Computer Science

C. Faculty of Science

  1. English
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology
  5. Mathematics
  6. Computer Science