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Open Learning provides courses for SEE level upto the Masters standard. The bachelor’s level program is designed so that students are well acquainted with the theoretical and practical fields of their subjects. Open Learning has encompassed courses that are up to date with today’s standards. To be eligible for this course, you need to pass your +2 (Grade 12) Standard. Certain criteria are required if you wish to pursue a career in science. 

Education is one of the strongest tools for human development. Education helps improve health, gender equality, peace, stability, and reducing poverty. Receiving education helps us understand and process things that would be impossible without it. Education opens doors to employment, promotes better earnings, and health, and reduces poverty.  All and all, Education helps uplift your quality of standard. 

There has been evidence of worse longer-term impacts on your personal and social life if you drop out early. If you got held back due to any reasons and could not study further, you might find it difficult to find a better job. Even an office job requires some education qualification. 

Let’s change that, shall we?

Open Learning is the key to shaping your future. A new chance at life, open education is a distant education practice where your physical presence is not required. Attend your classes anywhere, wherever you wish to. The keyword for Open Learning is “convenience”. Whether you got work, a very busy schedule, or a family to take care of, this can all be managed with your courses. With your education digitalized, there’s no need for any dress codes. 

Access your study materials online, study online, and learn online. Social interactions won’t happen so you can avoid disturbances and focus on your studies. Simply put, distance learning is easily accessible, flexible, and efficient.

Distant learning is definitely worth considering, especially if you have a busy life and want to get studying done. But even other students and interested ones can apply for distant learning. Another great advantage of this study method is its affordability. Other secondary fees such as transportation, food, lodging, and extra services would cost you extra, but distance learning can help cut all the costs.

Open learning helps education be accessible to everyone without any bias. It is affordable, no matter anyone’s economic level. Open Learning helps students avoid wasting money on an expensive course and help them look for new industries. Exam seasons are very stressful for any student. This however isn’t a problem with Open Learning as students can take the exam whenever they feel competent enough. You will appear for your examinations whenever you feel you’re ready. Reduce your chances of failing your examinations this way. 

A major benefit of open learning is it’s free for all features. The course is available for people of any age group despite their study hiatus. Exams are held physically and each student gets a different exam paper. This reduces any unhealthy examination practices such as cheating. 

Will the course work? Will my degrees be considered by anyone? 

Open Learning is affiliated with Universities in America, India, and Nepal. These affiliations are with reputed universities all over the countries with a credit transfer system to meet the requirements of a degree or diploma at a different university. So the faculty you select is credible and will be accepted by other universities or jobs too. 

You may practice remote education using open learning. You are not required to be physically present, and you are away from your professors and peers. It may appear to be disadvantageous at first, but one must evaluate all of the benefits of distance learning.

Affiliated with the Indian Education Board, you can now obtain your Bachelor’s Level degree [University Equivalent] without the need to attend your classes physically. This course is divided into three different faculties and is designed for students who have passed their 12th or equivalent examination recognized by the national board. This course can also be taken by students who have previously failed their Bachelor level examinations or people who have had long study gaps. The time duration for each course is three years and you can take courses to your wish. 

Bachelors Level Time Duration: 3 Years


  1. Bachelors of Arts Additional English
  2. Bachelors of Arts Additional Economics
  3. Bachelors of Arts in Additional Journalism and Mass Communication
  4. Bachelors of Arts Additional Public Administration
  5. Bachelors of Arts Additional Sociology
  6. Bachelors of Arts in Social Work
  7. Bachelors of Arts Additional Geography
  8. Bachelors of Arts Additional History
  9. Bachelors of Arts Additional Political Science 

The Bachelors of Arts program is designed to give students conceptual and theoretical-based knowledge in the field of humanities and social science. The course aims to sharpen students’ analytical abilities and knowledge. To be eligible for the program you must have finished your +2 or equivalent degree of education in any stream. 


  1. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  3. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Management courses generally focus on the development of skills of its students required in different business sectors. It helps students develop a basic understanding of management practices and help them compete in the global market. To be eligible for the management program, you must have finished your +2 or equivalent degree of education in any stream. 


  1. Bachelors of Science Additional Physics
  2. Bachelors of Science Additional Chemistry
  3. Bachelors of Science Additional Bio-Technology
  4. Bachelors of Science Additional Mathematics
  5. Bachelors of Science Additional Botany
  6. Bachelors of Science Additional Zoology
  7. Bachelors in Library and Information Science

The Bachelor of Science (BSc.) course is designed to make students well-versed in the latest ideas, knowledge, application, and practices in the theoretical and practical fields of science and technology. These courses help students pursue international-level jobs and familiarize them with the importance of science. To be eligible for the science program you must have finished your +2 in science as students are well familiarized with the conceptual knowledge of science. 

With Distant Learning, you will need to be well acquainted with current technology and how to navigate the internet. You should be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Open Learning is not a free degree and you will have to put some effort into studying. There is a lack of social interactions when you have a distant class and distractions can be within your reach due to you being in the comfort of your home. But with some proper time management, determination, and hard work, getting through distance learning courses should not be that difficult.